Fishing Points in Fall


The fall transition can be a difficult time to locate bass. Shad and other bait fish are typically making their seasonal migration into the backs of the creeks, but when weather patterns change, sometimes the easiest way to find better bass is to backtrack out of the creeks to primary and secondary [Read More]

Salted or Unsalted


It’s time to dispel an industry misnomer. Salt is not an attractant. In fact, salinity can actually be a deterrent when freshwater fish are involved. Salt was not introduced into soft plastics as an attracted, but that is the spin that some manufactures used when it was first applied to soft [Read More]

4 Jig Presentations for Catching Bass


It’s year round effectiveness is quantitative- more tournaments have been won flipping a jig, than any other tactic. Yet there are many anglers who fail to understand a jig’s versatility or implement it as an effective tool in their arsenal. It is largely due to a jig’s lack of [Read More]