Lil’ Creeper Jig

Designed by 4-time BFL Angler of the Year and smallmouth aficionado, Jamie Hartman, the Lil’ Creeper is an ultra compact football jig. Measuring only 1.25” in length and available in ¼, 3/8 and ½ oz., the Lil’ Creeper is the perfect tool for targeting monster smallmouth and post frontal largemouth on deep water structure.

Unlike some of the over-priced, imported, tungsten jigs, of similar size, the Lil’ Creeper is made in America and features an ultra strong short shank, light wire hook perfect for penetrating the hardened mouths of smallmouth bass in deep water. The Lil’ Creepers features an ultra-fine cut, 60 strand Bio-Silk skirt in 6 colors, and it is bound by Riot’s proprietary “Faux-Tie” (pronounced Foe-Tie) band, which is 3x stronger than conventional bands. The Faux-Tie represents a break-through in jig construction by simulating the appearance of a hand tied skirt due to its narrow rounded profile and narrow skirt collar. $4.99