Instigator Jig

When we set out to design our flippin’ jig, we took into account our own personal needs as tournament anglers- more strikes and a better hook up ratio. We nailed it with our Instigator Jig. The Instigator’s recessed eyelet and sleek head design help prevent hang-ups while its wide head base and 30-degree jig hook allow The Instigator to stand-up in an “in your face” position. This positioning improves hook-up ratio by elevating the hook off the lake bottom, aligning it with the skirt and jig trailer. This unique resting position allows the skirt and trailer to move freely, driving bass fighting mad. When you get a bite, the Instigator’s stout, 30-degree, Ultra-Point Mustad jig hook helps to provide solid penetrating power and peace of mind even in the heaviest cover. Choose any of our awesome colors and you will find out why we call it the “Instigator”. Available HERE