Riot Baits’ Fuzzy Beaver

The Fuzzy Beaver made a splash in 2014 when it entered the market because of its humerus name, but it was not long before fishermen realized the Fuzzy Beaver was as alluring to bass as its name implied. Beyond the name are some unique design elements that make the Fuzzy Beaver stand out from other baits in its class. It’s is arguably the first soft plastic bait to enter the market with a unique design innovation in years. Riot’s Alternate Ridge Design (A.R.D) is a true industry first. If you look at the main claws of the Fuzzy Beaver, you will see a small ridge on one side of one claw and on the opposite side of the other. That is not a mistake, that is the intended design of Riot’s A.R.D. By placing a ridge on opposite sides, the claws work in independent directions, giving the Fuzzy Beaver its unique aquatic signature. The ridge is subtle. This too was an intentional design. By in large, beaver style baits have little or no movement in their claws. Matt Stark, the owner of Riot, contends that sometimes when you are fishing a beaver, you don’t want much tail movement, and other times you do. The Fuzzy Beaver’s A.R.D is designed not to create much movement until you move up to a 1/2 weight or larger, allowing you to fish the bait based on the fish’s aggression level…. slow and subtle or fast and loud.

One of the other design elements we noticed was the deeply ribbed body. These ribs trap air bubbles better than any other ribbed bait we have tested. Those air bubbles slowly release, just like a real crawfish. The Fuzzy Beaver also features a super soft buoyant plastic, so the bait rises into a “claws up” defensive position just like a real crawfish and has six independent legs and two secondary cross-tailed claws that provide subtle movement even when the bait is held motionless. Sold in packs of 7 for $4.99

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